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Bible Reading and Commentary November 23-28, 2015

Bible Reading and Commentary November 23-28, 2015 Monday, November 23, Acts 19 Vv. 4-5 — The difference between John the Baptist’s baptism and baptism after Pentecost was that John baptized looking ahead to Jesus’ redemption. Baptized in Jesus’ name meant to be baptized in what Jesus completed for us on Calvary’s cross. This is the baptism Jesus instituted in Matt.

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Children’s Sermon: The Pumpkin 2015-11-22

When we remember that Jesus is our King and that he provides everything we have, it gets a little easier to focus on what’s important. Anytime we’re enjoying pumpkin pie, turkey, or even oxygen, we can remember that our Almighty King is providing for us. That helps us be both thankful for his generosity and confident of his ongoing care.

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