Bible Reading for the Week October 26-31, 2015

Bible Reading for the Week
October 26-31, 2015
Monday, October 26, Esther 7
v. 5 – Haman is trapped by his own deceit. From the tone of the king, Haman knew he was in trouble, which explains how quickly his life turned to terror (v. 6).
vv. 7-8 – When the king temporarily left the room, Haman thought he would use the time to beg the queen for his life. Instead things went from bad to worse, for the king returned and found him lying on the couch where Esther was reclining. (Note: Most meals were eaten reclining on a couch.(Amos6:4-7; John 13:23)
v. 9 – The king had Haman hanged on the gallows he had built for
Mordecai. Compare Matt. 26:52.

Tuesday, October 27, Esther 8
vv. 1-3 – Esther and Morcecai are safe. In fact, Mordecai is “promoted” to Haman’s former position. But Esther is still concerned for the rest of her people.
vv. 4-11 – The decree of annihilation could not be revoked. But it could be countered-and that is what the king did. He issued a decree that said the Jews could defend themselves. The second decree came two months and10 days after the first. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for God’s people during that time? They literally would have lived in fear! How important to learn trust in the Lord! (Rom. 8:28; II Cor. 1:8-10)

Wednesday, October 28, Esther 9:1-17
Chap. 9:1-17 – Victory was given to God’s people. The conquest of their enemies was filled with amazing evidence of God’s providential hand.

Thursday, October 29, Esther 9:18-32
vv. 20-22 — The reason for the celebration was that God protected His people so He could fulfill what He had promised in Gen. 3:15. It began to take place when Ezra and Nehemiah returned from Persia to Judah with those Jews who wanted to come back to the land of promise. There they rebuilt the temple and the walls of Jerusalem, waiting for God to fulfill Gen. 3:15 and Gen. 49:10. Some 500 years later God did, when He sent Jesus into this world to redeem us from sin, death and hell and open up to us again Paradise.

Friday, October 30, Esther 10
v. 3 — The Lord blessed the life and work of Mordecai and made him a blessing to many others. His courage in the face of danger was the courage of faith. The Lord made him strong for the task when he would have felt more comfortable to retreat in terror.
Saturday, October 31, Psalm 46
The hymn of the day for Reformation Sunday is Hymn 200 or 201. Luther wrote this hymn. It’s based on Psalm 46.
The first three verses of Psalm 46 in the hymnbook on page 84, possibly show the mighty, awesome power of nature on Judgment Day, bringing the world to its end. What takes away our fears is in the next three verses. The river which represents the Gospel, is the water of eternal life. It’s sent by God to calm us and bring us peace, hope and happiness and someday life forever in heaven.

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