The Problem with Mosquitoes

I have a problem with mosquitoes. It’s not that they buzz in my ears (although they do). It’s not the itchy bites (although I don’t like those either). It’s that they lead me to forget that it’s summer and that it’s warm. Instead of focusing on the blessings of summer, I focus on the annoyance of the mosquito and it diminishes my joy.

The people of Israel had a problem. They thought it was a lack of food or water, or incompetent leadership, or getting sick of the same food every day. But that wasn’t their problem. Their problem was sin: they didn’t trust God. They actually thought that either God wasn’t providing enough (which was both untrue and ungrateful) or that they knew better than God what they needed for life (which was both untrue and ignorant). God loved them enough to set them straight and keep their eyes focused on their Lord. He saved them from their sin and gave them a way to remember it.

The snake on the pole was a foreshadowing of Christ on the cross. The snake on the pole saved them from snakebite. Christ on the cross saves us from sin.

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