09-24 Assignment

We covered chapters 4-5 in the booklet (questions 17-24).

The Quiz

1. The quiz will be on questions 17-24

2.There will be five questions on the test (focus especially on memorizing John 3:16, Proverbs 14:12, and Psalm 119:105)

3. You will need to know the New Testament books (the Old Testament is extra credit)

or you can talk to me about the The Difference between the Law and the Gospel. Writing an essay wasn’t a popular option. Perhaps talking to me about it will be a more attractive option for you.

Talking to Pastor

If you choose to talk to me instead of the questions on the quiz, you will be graded on how well you explain

1. The difference between the Law and the Gospel.

2. Why each one is important.

3. How the Law helps us in our Christian lives. (Mirror, curb and guide)

4. You will need to use at least one passage in your explanation.


Please review chapter one with them. Some of them were a little shaky on the first five questions. Those concepts are important and will come up again. I don’t want them to have a gap in their knowledge of Scripture this early in the year.

I have found that simply reading the questions and having them answer you is a great way of reviewing the material and even starting a spiritual conversation!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or fill in the form here.

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