Bible Reading Guide and Commentary September 1-6, 2014

Bible Reading Guide and Commentary
September 1-6, 2014

Monday, September 1, Joshua 13
Vv. 1-6 — Joshua was getting old and all the land had not been conquered. The Lord said that He would make it happen–just as He promised. Israel only had to trust in the Lord and carry out His orders.
v. 22 — Balaam was more dangerous than someone with military might. He tried to destroy Israel spiritually. (Num. 24-25, 31) It’s the same today. Error or false teaching is far more dangerous than physical danger. Succumbing to either can rob one of eternal life.

Tuesday, September 2, Joshua 14-15
Chap. 14:4 — Because Jacob considered Joseph’s sons as his own sons (Cf. Gen. 48:5), they each received an inheritance in Israel.
Chap. 15:63 — The Jebusites years later were finally conquered by David. Even after he conquered them, they were never exterminated. Those who remained were used as a slave labor force. (I Kings 9:20-21)

Wednesday, September 3, Joshua 16
These next two chapters describe the lands given to the ‘house of Joseph.’ (Ephraim and the half tribe of Manasseh who settled west of the Jordan River)

v. 10 — Compare this to the Lord’s command in Deuteronomy 20:16-18. Why was it so important that Israel remain “separate”? Read Moses’ warning in Deut. 20:18.
Thursday, September 4, Joshua 17
Vv. 13 — “When the Israelites grew stronger” perhaps refers to the time of David and Solomon. During David’s reign especially, the conquest of Israel’s enemies was completed.
v. 14ff. — Jealousy and discontentment were brought into the Promised Land by the Israelites. They, as we, need to remember that we are to be content and satisfied with what God gives us (Heb. 13:5).

Friday, September 5, Joshua 18
v. 1 — The “Tent of Meeting,” (tabernacle) their house of worship, was set up at Shiloh and would remain there until the time of Samuel. It’s about ten miles northeast of Bethel, just east of the main road from Bethel to Shechem.

Saturday, September 6, Joshua 19
v. 32 — The Via Maris (Way of the Sea), the international highway for trade, passed through Naphtali (Is. 9:1).
v. 50— Joshua also received “his own” town. What did Joshua and his family do in his town? Look up Chapter 24:15b. We hope we all do as Joshua did.

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