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The Right Foundation

Training is hard. Training for critical missions is harder. Training for spiritual maturity and service in God’s kingdom is hardest of all. When we combine faith with the trials that God sends, we grow strong for this life. When God strengthens us through his Word and his spirit, we grow strong for eternity.

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Unlimited Resources

Joseph, son of Jacob, saved lives. Where did he get the resources to do that? We have the mission to save lives and souls. Where can we get the resources to accomplish that? The same place. Only God can provide. He provided for Joseph even when Joseph lost everything. He does the same for us.

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Bible Reading Guide and Commentary August 18-23, 2014

BIBLE READING GUIDE AND COMMENTARY August 18-23, 2014 JOSHUA — The author of Joshua was possibly Samuel. The time in history was about 1400 B.C. The book contains the conquest of Canaan by the people of Israel under the leadership of Joshua. Joshua is a type of Christ. His name means, “The Lord Saves.” As he led Israel victoriously into

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